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Link Building Email Outreach With SafeMailer

Let’s face it – link building is no walk in the park. It demands strategic thinking, persistence, and a touch of finesse. There are many ways to do it, but one method that stands out is sending cold emails.

According to recent statistics, personalized and well-crafted outreach emails can yield significant results, opening doors to valuable collaborations and link placements. 

However, keeping track of how many emails are sent, how many are remaining, whom to follow-up, etc. is not easy. But with the right tool in place, the process gets smoother. That’s why we built SafeMailer. 

With SafeMailer, you can easily create campaigns, send follow-ups, and track the success of your campaign. 

Let’s see how you can effectively utilize cold emailing for link building.

Table of content
1. Cold email outreach strategies for link-building
2. Link building email outreach email examples
3. Best practices for writing link-building cold emails
4. Send your emails with SafeMailer in 3 simple steps
5. Benefits of using SafeMailer for your email outreach
6. Conclusion

Cold email outreach strategies for link-building

1. Compile a List of Targets

Before you start shooting off your emails, it’s crucial to make sure that you are sending them to the right people. Start by identifying websites and influencers within your niche whose backlinks can significantly boost your online presence. 

If your website focuses on fitness and nutrition, you will compile a list of reputable fitness bloggers, health magazines, or influencers in the wellness space. 

Identify those who have previously shared content related to your niche, ensuring your outreach efforts are directed toward a receptive audience.

A well-curated list ensures that your outreach efforts are directed toward individuals with a genuine interest in your content.

2. Research your prospects 

We all know how tough it is to acquire a link. Hence, it’s crucial to research your prospects thoroughly before we hit the send button. Understand their industry, interests, and content preferences.  For instance, if you’re reaching out to a blogger in the tech industry, understand their recent articles, their preferred writing style, and any specific topics they have a keen interest in. 

Example: “I recently came across your insightful article on emerging tech trends. Given your expertise in this space, I believe our recent piece on #Your Topic# would be of great interest to your audience.”

By tailoring your outreach based on this research, you make your email more personalized and increase the likelihood of a positive response. Such emails are more likely to grab attention and thus increase the chances of building a genuine connection and acquiring a quality link.

3. Craft a compelling subject line

To make a lasting impression, employ the inverted pyramid approach – place the most critical elements at the beginning of your message. Craft a concise and compelling opening that quickly conveys the value you bring. 

Consider the following example for a link building outreach email

I wanted to bring to your attention a recent article we’ve published on #Your Topic#. In just #Brief Mention of Value#, we’ve managed to #Brief Achievement or Unique Insight#…”

By keeping subsequent content succinct, you ensure that your prospects grasp the essence of your request without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Write a strong hook

A captivating hook is the linchpin of successful cold email outreach. Your subject line is the make-or-break moment. Craft a subject line that piques curiosity and prompts recipients to open your email. 

For instance,

“Link Building Opportunity” is kinda boring. Instead, say: “Hey, Let’s Link Up!” That’s the kind of intrigue that gets clicks. 

Follow this with a compelling opening that resonates with your prospect’s interests or challenges. An engaging hook not only captures attention but also sets the tone for a positive response.

5. Have a strong pitch

Your pitch should be smoother than a well-aged whiskey. Tell them why your content is the answer to their dreams. Maybe you’ve got a killer infographic, an awesome guest post idea, or a unique take on a topic they love. Show them what’s in it for them, and don’t be shy to flex a little. 

Here’s an example;

“Our last collaboration doubled traffic – just sayin’.”

6. Follow up

Timing is everything. Consider following up after a week, and send a polite follow-up. Don’t be that person who sends one email and then ghosts.

Craft thoughtful follow-up emails to gently remind prospects of your initial outreach. Acknowledge their busy schedules, reiterate the value you bring, and express genuine interest in potential collaboration.

“Hey #Name#, just circling back on my email from last week. I would love to know your thoughts on our collaboration idea. If now isn’t the best time, totally get it. Let me know when you’re free for a quick chat!”

Following up demonstrates your commitment and increases the chances of turning a lead into a valuable backlink.

Link building email outreach examples

1. Link exchange

Subject: Let’s Swap Some Links!
Hi #Name#,

Hope this finds you in the midst of conquering the digital realm! 

I stumbled upon your awesome site while digging into #Topic#. Seriously, great stuff!

Now, I have this piece on #Your Page/Post Title# that I think your audience would dig. Plus, it’s got some juicy info that aligns perfectly with your recent post on #Their Recent Post#.

Oh, by the way, our Domain Authority is a bit flex-worthy #Your DA Score#. 😉 In return for your generosity, I’d be more than happy to drop a backlink from our #Your Page# to your fantastic work.

Let me know what you think.


2. Guest posting

Subject: A Guest Post that Packs a Punch! 
Hi #Name#,

I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for a while now, especially #mention something specific you liked#. Your insights on #topic# are spot-on!

I’ve got this killer idea for a guest post that I believe would resonate with your readers. It’s all about #briefly pitch your idea#. Picture it like a content marriage made in heaven!

Check out some of my previous work here: #link to your portfolio or examples#.

What do you say we team up for some content awesomeness? I’m all ears for your thoughts and suggestions!

Excited to hear from you,


3. Follow-up after no-response

Subject: Did My Email Get Lost in Cyberspace? 
Hi #Name#,

Hope this finds you well and not buried under a pile of unread emails! 😅

I sent you a note a while back about #specific topic#. Totally get it if life’s been a bit crazy – happens to the best of us.

Just wanted to make sure my carrier pigeon (email) didn’t go on strike. If you’re still interested or need more info, I’m just a reply away.

Looking forward to hearing from you, whenever suits you!


Best practices for writing link-building cold emails

Keep it Simple and Direct

When you’re reaching out for a link, simplicity is your best friend. Avoid beating around the bush. Think of your email like a short and sweet elevator pitch – get to the point without unnecessary fluff. Site owners are bombarded with requests daily, so make yours clear and scannable.

Ditch the Generic Templates

Templates are cool, but don’t be lazy. Imagine receiving the same generic email repeatedly – not the best feeling, right? Well, site owners feel the same way.

A generic email won’t cut it; you want your outreach to feel like a tailored suit, not a one-size-fits-all t-shirt. Customize your pitch for each recipient. Mention something specific about their site or content. This effort shows you’ve done your homework and genuinely see a connection.

Add a Personal Touch

Generic greetings won’t cut it. Imagine receiving an email that sounds like it’s been written by a robot. Yeah, not cool. Make your outreach genuine. Reference something you genuinely appreciate about their work.

Check out the prospect’s “About Us” page or stalk them a bit on social media (not in a creepy way). Personalized emails get more love, like 20% more. That’s a whole lot more backlink love for you.

Craft a Memorable CTA

Don’t leave your reader hanging. End your email with a clear Call to Action (CTA). Whether it’s directing them to a specific page, asking for feedback, or suggesting a collaboration, make it clickable and unmistakable. You want them to know exactly what you’re asking for.

Spruce Up Your Email Signature

Your signature isn’t just a formality; it’s a subtle opportunity. Add links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This not only makes you more approachable but also shows you’re transparent. Tools like Email Signature Generator can make this process a breeze. Boost those reply rates with a few extra clicks.

Send your emails with SafeMailer in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Write Email

Start by crafting your link-building email. Whether it’s a personalized pitch for a link exchange, a guest post idea, or a friendly follow-up, compose your message within the platform. You can either write a personalized email or select a pre-made template if you’ve created one earlier. 

SafeMailer provides a user-friendly text editor, allowing you to create engaging, non-robotic emails.

Make sure your content aligns with the tone and style you want to convey to your recipients. Include all the necessary details, such as your pitch, value proposition, and any relevant information.

Step 2: Select Mailing List

Now, let’s get those emails to the right inboxes. SafeMailer integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, making it a breeze to create and manage your mailing list. You can either create a new mailing list or select an existing one within SafeMailer.

Alternatively, if you’ve got your contacts in a CSV file, just upload it. SafeMailer ensures that your emails reach the intended recipients with precision.

Step 3: Schedule Campaign

Timing is everything, and SafeMailer lets you master it effortlessly. Once your email is crafted and your mailing list is set, it’s time to schedule your campaign.

Specify the number of days over which you want to spread your emails, select the time zone relevant to your audience, and set the time span during which you want the emails to be sent.

SafeMailer ensures your link building outreach is strategic and well-paced, avoiding the dreaded spam folder.

Benefits of using SafeMailer for your email outreach

Enhanced Email Deliverability

SafeMailer employs a smart strategy to mimic a human-like sending pattern by staggering your emails one to two minutes apart.

This approach strategically avoids spam filters, significantly enhancing your email deliverability. Your messages are more likely to land in the recipient’s inbox rather than getting lost in the spam folder.

Personalization at Its Best

With SafeMailer, personalizing your emails becomes a breeze. The platform allows for highly tailored communication by inserting placeholders using the hashtag syntax.

This feature enables you to address your recipients by name, customize content based on their interests, and create a more engaging and personalized experience for your audience.

Automated Follow-Ups for Efficiency

SafeMailer doesn’t just stop at sending initial emails. It empowers you with the ability to set up triggers for automated follow-ups. Never miss an opportunity to reconnect with your audience.

This automation ensures that your outreach remains persistent without requiring constant manual follow-up, saving you time and effort.

Real-Time Tracking for Informed Decision-Making

Stay on top of your email campaign’s performance with SafeMailer’s real-time tracking feature. Monitor crucial metrics such as open rates, bounce rates, and emails sent immediately.

This data empowers you to make informed decisions on the fly. If certain aspects of your campaign need adjustment, you can take immediate action for a more responsive and effective outreach.

Budget-Friendly Options

Whether you’re a startup, a beginner, or a small enterprise, SafeMailer is designed to fit your budget. The platform offers a free-to-use version, allowing you to explore its capabilities without upfront costs.

For more advanced features and increased capacity, affordable plans start at only $15. This flexibility makes SafeMailer an ideal choice for those just starting or with limited resources.

Wrapping up

As we conclude, remember that effective link-building is not just about quantity but quality. SafeMailer equips you with the tools to forge meaningful connections.

With its user-friendly approach, enhanced personalization, and budget-friendly options, you have a reliable tool to navigate the challenges of digital growth.

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