Reaching out with an email that starts with “Let’s connect” might unintentionally leave your employees wondering if they’re in for a serious talk or if something’s gone amiss. But in reality, inviting an employee for a “touch base” meeting is far from a formal or difficult conversation.

These laid-back meetings can be as enjoyable as catching up with a friend on the weekend. They’re valuable in a work context. To help you get ready for your next meeting and build a friendly and productive relationship with your team, we have compiled a list of some touch-base meeting templates you can use directly.

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What is a Touch Base Meeting?

A touch base meeting is a brief and focused interaction among team members or colleagues to discuss updates, share insights, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Unlike long-winded gatherings that can be exhausting, touch base meetings are quick and efficient, designed to keep everyone connected without unnecessary distractions.

Why Have Touch-Base Meetings?

The importance of touch base meetings cannot be overstated. These meetings serve multiple crucial purposes:

  • Alignment: Touch base meetings help ensure that all team members have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, keeping everyone aligned with the overarching goals of the project or organization.
  • Accountability: They create an opportunity to discuss progress and roadblocks, holding team members accountable for their tasks and commitments. Thus, increasing their job satisfaction.
  • Problem Solving: When challenges arise, touch base meetings provide a platform to collaboratively address and resolve issues, preventing small problems from escalating into major setbacks.
  • Information Sharing: These meetings facilitate the sharing of critical information, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest updates and insights.

Now, let’s explore some touch base meeting templates for different scenarios.

Touch Base Meeting Template Examples

Choose a touch base meeting template based on your need.

Weekly Team Meeting

Subject: Let’s Connect – Weekly Team Huddle
Hey #Team Member’s Name#,

Our weekly touch base meeting is around the corner. Please see the attached agenda. Let’s chat about our progress and any hurdles.

See you at #date and time# in #location#.

Warm regards,

Project Update Meeting:

Subject: Quick Project Catch-up
Hello #Project Team#,

Time for a quick project update meeting. Bring your progress and challenges to the table.

Join us on #date and time# at #location#.

Warm regards,

Client Check-In Meeting:

Subject: Keeping in Touch
Hi #Client’s Name#,

Just a friendly check-in! We’d love to hear your thoughts and any needs you have.

Can we schedule a quick meeting at your convenience to chat about our projects?

Looking forward to it!

Warm regards,

One-on-One Employee Check-In Meeting:

Subject: Let’s Chat, #Employee’s Name#!
Hi #Employee’s Name#,

I’ve got coffee brewing for our one-on-one. We’ll chat about your progress, challenges, and your career goals.

When’s good for you? Your insights matter!

Warm regards,

Quarterly business review meeting :

Subject: Let’s Talk Success
Hi #Client/Team#,

Quarterly review time! Let’s go over the highlights, what needs improvement, and the next quarter’s strategy.

Mark your calendar for #date and time# in #location#.

Warm regards,

Remote Team Coordination Meeting:

Subject: Virtual Huddle Time!
Hello #Remote Team#,

Our virtual touch base is due. Let’s ensure we’re in sync across the miles.

Connect on #date and time#. Be sure to share your updates beforehand.

Let’s bridge the distance together!

Warm regards,


Touch-base meetings are a cornerstone of effective communication and productivity. They keep your team on the same page, maintain accountability, and provide a platform for collaborative problem-solving.

We hope that the touch base meeting template examples shared in this blog post can be a valuable resource to streamline your touch-base meetings, making them more efficient and productive.

So, go ahead, and use these templates to supercharge your communication. To simplify your efforts you can use a cold email automation tool to schedule your emails.

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