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How to send thousands of emails without spamming?

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to get new leads for your business and it is more sustainable in the long run.

But the biggest problem with doing email marketing at scale that of email deliverability.

Many email marketers struggle to figure out how to send thousands of emails without spamming.

If you want to make sure your email is not classified as spam, you will first need to understand how spam filters work.

Table of Content
1. Why do bulk emails go to spam?
1.1 Email frequency
1.2 Email server
1.3 Email sending pattern
1.4 Sender score
2. How to send bulk emails without spamming?
2.1 Stagger your emails
2.2 Cold email automation tools
2.3 Email warm up
2.4 Personalization

Why do bulk emails go to spam?

SPAM filters look at multiple factors in each email to decide whether it is spam or not. They look at email sending behavior to assess if you are sending spam.

By definition, spam emails are thousands or more identical looking emails sent in a single email blast.

So when you use a bulk email marketing tool (like mailchimp, for example) to send thousands of emails in a single shot, spam filters will see that and put most of those emails in spam or junk folders.

Email frequency

Spam filters are trained to look for such email sending pattern. They look at how frequently you are sending emails or email volume over a period of time. If you are sending a thousand emails within one hour, those will most likely go to spam.

Email server

Spam filters also look for the sending address and corresponding email server. The servers used by email marketing servers are closely associated with spam emails in the past.

Therefore most emails sent from these email marketing server have a hard time reaching inbox and most will land in spam / junk.

Email sending pattern

In order to avoid bulk email blast, you can stagger your emails and spread them over a period of time. But sometimes that may not be enough, as spam filters also look for email sending pattern.

For example, if all of your emails are staggered but still sent out exactly one minute apart from each other, spam filters can detect the mechanical sending pattern. This will negatively impact your email deliverability.

Sender score

Sender score or reputation of your email address is also a very important factor impacting the email deliverability. Therefore it is important to carefully cultivate the reputation for your marketing email accounts.

How to send bulk emails without spamming?

Once you understand how spam filters work and which signals they look for, you can increase your email deliverability by simply taking care of those factors.

Stagger your emails

First and foremost, avoid doing any bulk email blasts. Spread our your emails over a period of time. For example, if you have 10,000 recipients in your mailing list, you can spread out these emails over 4-8 weeks. You can reach out to everyone on your list by sending just 200-300 emails per day.

You can also send more emails by using multiple email accounts. For example, if you have five accounts for your marketing campaigns and if you send 100 emails per account per day. You will still cover 500 emails per day in total. And you will cover your entire mailing list in just 20 days !

You can avoid spamming by spreading thousands of emails over a few weeks, making sure you reach inbox.

Cold email automation tools

Cold email marketing tools help you to further spread out the emails sent on a single day.

For example, let’s say you are sending 200 emails per day. A cold email automation software will help you spread out those 200 emails over a few hours.

When you set up a cold email marketing campaign in safemailer, you can choose the time window between which your emails will be sent.

Safemailer will further send these emails randomly, to mimic human like sending behavior and bypass the spam filters.

Also, safemailer will use your email server (Gmail or Gsuite or any other) and not any other email marketing server, so that your cold emails can safely reach inbox.

Email warm up

Just using a cold email automation tool may not be enough though. You will need to follow certain best practices to build up and cultivate the sender score or sender reputation for your email accounts.

For example, if you have recently set up a new email account. You cannot start by sending 100 cold emails on the very first day. Your new email account needs to be gradually warmed up for the purpose of running email campaigns at scale. You can do that by sending 5-10 emails per day in the beginning and then gradually increasing it over 4-8 weeks eventually sending a few hundred emails per day.


By definition, spam is thousands of identical looking emails sent in bulk. So you can boost your chances of reaching inbox by not sending identical looking emails.

Mail merge tools can help you to create highly personalized emails using the data that you have gathered about your recipients. Safemailer’s mail merge tool works withing Google Drive. So you can upload the details of your email recipients to a Google sheet and use it to personalize your email campaign.

Highly personalized emails sent with a cold email automation tool will hugely improve your email deliverability and you’ll be able to send thousands of emails without spamming.

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