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Top 7 survey email templates and best practices

Every business whether big or small will start losing its customers if they stop taking feedback or opinions. Therefore if you want to stay in the business for long, you have to listen to your customer to find out what they want. Conducting surveys is the best way to figure this out. Hence, we have compiled the best survey email templates, subject lines and best practices to help you run a successful survey email campaign.

All organizations from a small startup to large enterprises rely extensively on their clients’ data and feedback of what they want. Simply guessing what your clients want just doesn’t work.

Most of the time you will be surprised with your customers’ thoughts and expectations. Running a survey campaign will help you understand your customer better than any other possible way.

Now that we know survey emails are the most effective way to gather customers’ feedback, the challenging part is to actually make your customers complete the survey. People aren’t always ready to spare their time to answer some random survey email that landed in their inbox.

Also, the attention span of people has reduced drastically to a few seconds. So how do you make your customers answer a few minutes survey form with such a little attention span?

This blog will give you the answer to all these questions and also provide some useful email survey templates that you can use for a successful campaign!

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1. Best practices for survey emails
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3.2 Survey email template for product improvement
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3.4 Survey email template to gather views/opinions from your audience
3.5 Survey email template to gain insights
3.6 Reminder followup survey email
3.7 Email survey template to find solution for any pain point
3.8 Survey email template for research
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5. Why you should use cold email automation to run your survey campaign

Best practices for survey emails

Make sure your survey gets completed under 5 mins

Why under 5 mins? Simple. The shorter the survey form, the more chances your customers will respond to it. On the other hand, people may only give partial responses and become fatigued if your survey is long.

Use an engaging subject line

Developing an engaging subject line is a sure-shot way to get your emails opened. Therefore it is always better to have a subject line that tells the recipient to take a particular action.

You can also customize your subject line by including the reader’s first name, his company name, etc.

Provide an incentive for completing the survey

People are usually not interested in spending their precious time filling out a survey. But you can encourage them to do so by giving them some incentives like discounts or offers. Let’s say a 20% discount on their next order or you can even provide a coupon for any other service.

Set a time limit to create an urgency

Make sure you have set up a time limit and mentioned the expiry date in the email. Without any deadline, people may think they have time to complete the survey later and procrastinate and forget about the survey in the end.

Specify the purpose of the survey

Without going into much detail in the email be sure to specify the purpose of the research. Make sure you have mentioned what it is for the readers. This will give confidence to your customers that their feedback matters.

    Survey email subject lines

    1. Be honest – what do you think of your new [product]?
    2. Let us know what you think.
    3. Hey [NAME]. Time’s almost up to earn 50% off.
    4. Take a quick survey, earn 25% off
    5. Last chance! The survey ends at midnight
    6. How can we make [service] work for you?
    7. Help improve [business name]
    8. Your feedback makes us better
    9. We value your insight

    Best email survey templates

    Offering incentive survey email example

    Subject: Take a quick survey and win amazing prizes
    Hi #Name#,

    As 202X is coming to a close, we want to hear from our fellow email family what are the current industry trends and what do they expect from #Product# in 202X.

    Complete our short survey and instead of a few bucks for your thoughts, get a chance to win one of the three amazing gifts.

    Take The Survey – #link#

    This year prizes are:
    1. #free product#
    2. #free access to your service#
    3. #free $$ gift coupon#

    To be eligible to win one of the above prizes, you will have to complete the entire survey by #date# #time#.

    The winner will be chosen by random and will receive one prize each. You will be notified via email if you are the winner.

    We thank you all in advance and can’t wait to see the results of the survey.


    Survey email template for product improvement

    Subject: Help us improve #your product#
    Hi #Name#,

    As a part of our ongoing efforts to better our service and support, we would like to request your feedback via a short online survey.

    It should only take about 5-10 mins to complete the survey.

    As a sign of our appreciation the participants who qualify for and complete the survey will receive #any gift or incentive#.

    The survey is active for a limited time and will end on #date# #time#

    Take The Survey – #link#

    Thank you for your time and efforts.


    Feedback survey email sample

    Subject: Your feedback makes us better
    Hi #Name#,

    We’re always working very hard to make #product# exactly as you expect it to be.

    Your opinions help us decide which features to build and what improvements should be made to #product#.

    To help us make #product# the best it can be, we want to know your opinions today.

    Take a few minutes to complete our survey before #date# #day# #time# and you will automatically become eligible to win #any prize or incentive#

    Click the link to #Start The Survey#

    Thank you for your time and efforts.


    Survey email template to gather views/opinions from your audience

    Subject: Let us know what you think.
    Hi #Name#,

    I’m #name# the new #your role in the company# at #company name#. I’m reaching out to a selected group of our audience to gather their views and opinions on our product/services.

    My goal is to learn more about your business so that I can understand how we can serve you better.

    I appreciate your inputs and insights, so please complete our brief survey which will hardly take 3-5 mins.

    This survey will help us build #Product# that meets your needs.


    The survey will be open till this weekend and all the participants will get 25% off on our #product/service#.

    I look forward to review your response and use your inputs to better our #product/service#.


    Survey email template to gain insights

    Subject: We value your insight
    Hi #Name#,

    Your feedback is the single most important driver of change in our company. Your inputs help us to continuously work to better our product/services.

    We would be incredibly thankful if you could take a few minutes to let us know how we can better serve you in the year ahead.

    As a token of our gratitude we will send you a #discount coupon# for our online store.

    Start the survey – #link#

    We request you to complete the survey before #date#.


    Reminder followup survey email

    Subject: Last chance! Survey ends at midnight
    Hi #Name#,

    We recently invited you to participate in our survey but it seems like you haven’t been able to begin it yet.

    There is still some time left for you to complete the survey. We would really love to know your views and opinions.

    Once you complete the survey we’ll thank you with #incentive#.

    Start the survey– #link#


    Email survey template to find solutions for any pain point

    Subject: Take a quick survey, earn #X%# off
    Hi #Name#,

    Your feedback is important for us. We would like to hear your opinion about #your product#.

    It will really help us to improve #pain point# so that we can provide a better customer experience to all our upcoming and present customers.

    As a thank you for completing our survey, we are offering a #X% discount coupon# on your next purchase.

    You won’t require more than 5 mins to complete.

    To take advantage of this opportunity, please click the link below:

    Start the survey – #link#

    Looking forward to reviewing your response.


    Survey email template for research

    Subject: Invitation to Participate in Our Research Study
    Hi #Name#,

    We hope this message finds you well.

    At #Your Organization/Research Team#, we’re conducting a study on #Briefly explain the research topic or purpose#. Your insights are invaluable in shaping our understanding of #specific area/issue#. Your participation in this survey will greatly contribute to our research efforts.

    #Optional: Include Incentive Information if Applicable#
    As a token of our appreciation, participants will be entered into a #prize drawing/gift card raffle/other incentive#.

    To participate, please click on the survey link provided below: #Survey Link#

    Duration: The survey will take approximately #estimated time# to complete.

    Confidentiality and Privacy
    Rest assured, your responses will remain strictly confidential and will only be used for research purposes. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.

    We appreciate your time and contribution to this study. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at #Your Contact Information#.

    Thank you for your consideration.



    How many questions should a survey contain?

    As we already know that the attention span of people has reduced drastically, the best way to get people to complete the survey is to keep your survey short. Keep it less than 5-7 questions. Make sure the survey gets completed within 5-10 mins.

    How to send a survey cold email without getting spammed?

    If you send emails to people who haven’t given you explicit permission to send them emails, many of them might go to the spam. For this you can use SafeMailer cold email automation software to maximize your response and avoid getting spammed.

    How to start a survey email?

    The best way to engage with the recipient  is to start the email plain and simple. Avoid using spam words. Be clear of your purpose of the survey and how it will help you and them. 

    Why you should use cold email automation to run your survey campaign

    Spam filters have become smarter. They can detect patterns of automated bulk emails. When you send hundreds of survey emails with a bulk emailing software, there is a good chance those emails will land in ‘SPAM’ or ‘Promotions’ folders. SafeMailer’s ‘Cold Email Automation’ app is a smart solution that mimics the email sending pattern of a human.

    Cold email automation workflows send your survey emails in a staggered manner instead of sending all of them at once. This ‘human-like’ email sending behaviour helps you avoid the spam filters.

    SafeMailer can boost the email deliverability and opening rate for your survey email campaigns by  300-600% !This best free cold email software is ideal for survey email campaigns where you send tens to hundreds of emails in a day. It will help you build up and maintain a healthy sender reputation, so that your emails are well received by your customers.

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