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How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate leads as compared to other digital marketing channels.

If you are someone exploring how much does email marketing costs, this post is for you.

Here, we have covered all the factors that contribute to the cost of email marketing with their approximate price range.

So, let’s dive in.

1. Cost of Building an Email List

You can either buy or build it organically.

Cost of buying a list

In case, you decide to buy the list, the price will depend on the type of list you purchase. Here are two main types:

However, experts from SafeMailer do not recommend this practice.

Why? These lists are unreliable. They can never bring you good results.

Moreover, the chances of email marketing campaign failure with such lists increase to a great extent.

This will not only waste your money but also your efforts. Hence, it’s better to build it organically.

Cost of building an email list organically

It will cost you $0.

Just create lead magnets and utilize them in your social media content, blog posts, or pop-up forms.

For instance, you can use opt-in forms and pop-ups on your website to encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list.

So, to sum up we can conclude that an email list will cost you anything between $0 to $1000.

2. Cost Of Setting Up an Email Account

Until you decide to send emails manually, you will need to use a mailing service.

Using providers like Gmail and Outlook will definitely cost you nothing. However, if you want to set branded account like, the prices will vary based on the provider you choose.

The following are some cheapest email hosting providers that may fit your email marketing budget.

No.Cheapest ESPsPrice Range
1.NameCheap$0.91- $3.83/month for a 1-year plan
2.Hostinger$1.49-$2.99/month for a 1-year plan
3.GoDaddy$1.99-$8.99/month for a 1-year plan
4.Rackspace$2.99-$6.99/month per user
5.Hostgator$3.95-$7.25/month for a 1-year plan
6.Bluehost$4.95-$5.4/month for a 1-year plan

If you select any of these email hosting providers, you can expect to spend anything between $0.91-$18 per month.

3. Cost Of Writing an Email Copy

The cost of email copy depends on the quality of content, length of content, and the number of emails.

You either hire an email copywriter or outsource this task to a freelancer.

The marketer price for freelance email copywriters ranges from $35 to $2000. You can calculate your monthly budget depending on your needs.

However, in case you need a free service, software like ChatGPT can help you generate a decent email copy.

So, depending on your needs and requirements, you can expect to spend anything between $0 to $2000 for an email copy.

4. Cost Of Actually Running an Email Marketing Campaign

If the volume of your emails sent is too low, you can definitely do it manually or hire someone to do it.

But if you target sending more than hundreds of emails per month, it is a bad idea. Apart from being a tedious task, it even won’t be worth your time and money.

So, the best practice here would be utilizing cold email automation tools. Yeah, you will need to invest some amount, but the advantages are worth that amount.

Here, we have distributed the price range of utilizing cold email automation tools based on the volume of emails sent per month.

So, to sum up you can expect to spend anywhere between $0-$1800+ per month for a cold email automation tool.

Here, we can conclude that the overall price for email marketing can range between $0.91 to $3,218 depending on your requirements and choices.

However, it is always not possible to do it by yourself. You can also choose to outsource your email marketing project to an agency. So, let’s explore those prices as well.

Cost of Outsourcing Email Marketing

The charges of a full-service email marketing agency are based on multiple factors like the company size, the email marketing software they use, the frequency of email marketing campaigns, and the quality of the design and copy.

Hence, approaching an agency usually proves to be very expensive.

Here, we have distributed the prices according to the structures that email marketing agencies use to charge:


When compared to other digital marketing channels email marketing is the cheapest way you can utilize to generate leads.

We have covered all the factors and their price ranges in this post. We help it helps you calculate your budget depending on your need and choices.

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