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Land more than 95% emails in INBOX

SafeMailer staggers your emails in a human-like emailing pattern to bypass SPAM, landing more than 95% of your emails in INBOX.

Why SafeMailer?

Cost Effecient

We get Google Drive to do most of the heavy lifting for us, making SafeMailer 10X cheaper.

Get Past The SPAM Filters

Avoid bulk email sending, humanize your emails to avoid spam filters.

Personalized HTML Emails

Use a simple HTML editor to create highly personalized cold emails.

Scheduled Email Campaigns

Schedule your cold email campaigns for customers in different time zones.

A/B Testing

Test your subject lines to get optimal performance from your email campaigns.

Detailed Analytics

Learn from your email campaigns performance. Monitor what is working and what is not.

Bypass spam filters

When you send hundreds of emails with a bulk emailing software, there is a good chance those emails will land in ‘SPAM’ or ‘Promotions’ folders. SafeMailer is a smart solution that mimics human like sending behavior to bypass those spam filters.

Monitor campaigns in real time

You can improve only what you can measure. SafeMailer will help you track all important details of your campaigns and event to create deeply insightful, customized report.

Send scheduled emails and save time

Manually sending cold emails makes you unproductive. And you need to perfectly time them to make sure they are opened. With SafeMailer simply set up an automated campaign and start getting nurtured leads.

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Send upto 500 cold emails from single account


per month

Starter Plan

Single sender account for solo marketers


per month

Pro Plan

10 sender accounts for agencies and growing businesses


per month

Business Plan

Fully customized for your cold email marketing

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I have been using it for almost a year now. It's easy to use and has excellent features that let us send and track emails. The customer support is great too.

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We’re here to help you. 

SafeMailer is a simple, lightweight and yet highly efficient tool for cold email outreach. SafeMailer mimics a human-like sending pattern to achieve a deliverability rate of more than 95%. And because Google Drive does most of the heavy lifting for us, SafeMailer is 10X cheaper than other cold email automation software.

You just need a Gmail account to get started. SafeMailer will turn your Gmail & Google Drive accounts into a highly productive email marketing platform. Simply connect your Google account with SafeMailer and all the workflows will be installed within your google drive. Once this is done, your SafeMailer app is ready!

Yes, SafeMailer offers customer support through email and direct support. If you have any questions, issues, or need assistance with the platform, you can contact their customer support team for help.

Yes, as SafeMailer is tightly integrated with Google Drive, you don’t need to transfer any information here. Your data remains in your Google drive only. So, it is more secure than it could be with any other application.

Yes, apart from cold email automation, you can use SafeMailer to run your drip email campaigns as well. It allows you to create fully customized workflows, incredibly personazile your emails, and send them as per your recipient’s time zone and time window.  

You can send up to 200-300 emails daily per email account without damaging your email deliverability. In case, your sending volume is more than 300 per day, you will have to divide it across multiple email accounts and run your campaigns in parallel.

No. Newsletters can only be sent after the recipient subscribes to your channel. SafeMailer is an cold email automation tool designed to cater cold leads who have never interacted with your business before. 

SafeMailer offers integrations with Google Sheets, Gmail, Outlook, and SMTP. These integrations allow you to seamlessly import your contacts, send emails from your preferred email client, and automate your campaigns using Google Sheets as a data source.

Yes, you can personalize your cold emails. SafeMailer seamlessly integrates with Google Spreadsheets, allowing you to incredibly personalize your emails with minimal effort. Thus, maximizing your outreach effectiveness.

Yes, you can. However, avoid creating flashy emails as too much HTML and images can reduce your email deliverability. 

Yes, you can track the performance of your campaigns with SafeMailer. The platform provides detailed analytics and reports on various key metrics, thus, allowing you to measure the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Yes. SafeMailer allows you to humanize your sending pattern, thus, helping you bypass spam filters and maximizing your email deliverability. However, it is important to note that successful email deliverability depends on various other factors such as the quality of your email list, sender reputation, content quality, and compliance with anti-spam regulations. Hence, it is always best to use email automation tools in compliance with applicable laws and best practices to ensure a successful email campaign.

Yes, SafeMailer offer A/B testing features to help optimize your cold email campaigns. A/B testing allows you to test different variations of your emails subject lines to see which ones perform best, and make data-driven decisions to improve your campaigns.

To warm up your new email account, you can simply begin by exchanging a few normal-looking emails with people you already know to indicate real-world usage. Then start sending a few cold emails (10-15) per day and eventually increase your volume to 40-50 emails per day by keeping a track of your email deliverability as well as the sender score. If it looks safe, keep gradually increasing the volume while monitoring the metrics to avoid damaging your email deliverability.

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