Lead Generation

How To Find Emails For Cold Email Campaigns?

In the world of online marketing, cold emails are a useful way to reach out to new people and potential customers. But to make these emails work, you need to have the right email addresses. In this guide, we’ll show … Read More

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Email marketing vs social media

Email Marketing Vs Social Media: Which is better?

Email marketing and social media both are incredible marketing tools used by businesses to promote growth. However, if you’re unsure which one to prioritize or allocate more resources towards, this article can help. Here, we have compared email marketing and … Read More

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email nurture sequence to drive maximum conversions

How To Write An Email Nurture Sequence?

A lead magnet is a powerful tool to attract potential subscribers to your email list. When a visitor signs up for your lead magnet, they have shown a level of interest in your industry or product. However, leads are like … Read More

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How To Use CRM With Email Marketing?

Integrating CRM with email marketing can offer multiple benefits to your business. It allows you to create more effective email marketing campaigns by combining customer data with the ability to send targeted and personalized emails. This not only improves your … Read More

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Cold Email Lead Generation Playbook

When many people think about email marketing, they think about sending 10,000+ emails per day, shiny HTML email templates, and bulk email marketing platforms like Mailchimp. But this way of email marketing only works in certain cases, when you have … Read More

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Email vs LinkedIn: Which is better for cold outreach?

When it came to cold outreach or lead creation, cold email had no alternatives until LinkedIn. In terms of reaching prospects formally online without being intrusive LinkedIn is without a doubt the cold email’s main rival. In this comparison, we … Read More

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Cold Email vs Cold Call: Which one works the Best?

Salespeople typically worry about how to approach new clients. If we make a cold call to a target, will they become irritated? Or will they ignore our cold email? In short what is the best way to generate leads – … Read More

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