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Hotel email examples to build a better relationship with guest

Any hotel business must prioritize meeting the needs of its customers. Customers today, who entrust their time and safety to hotels, do want official confirmation and communication from those establishments. Emails give visitors the precise attention they need while also … Read More

Email template for quotation and best practices

Quotation emails are an essential part of the purchasing process for businesses. They enable buyers to request price estimates from vendors and negotiate the terms of a sale. They also assist vendors in providing pricing information and clarifying transaction terms. … Read More

How long should a cold email be?

The length of cold emails determines whether the reader will read them or not, so this is a crucial question. Making it too small could prevent the reader from learning the necessary information. The reader might become utterly bored if … Read More

What is a good cold email open rate?

Cold email has been the most popular, cost-effective sales tool since the rise of the internet. Cold emails are to thank for the success of outbound sales prospecting. As a result, a lot of salespeople conduct research on cold emails … Read More

Is cold email illegal? Everything that a sales rep needs to know

So the answer to the question of whether or not cold email is illegal is a resounding no. Before diving deep into this topic and laying down all answers let’s ask what exactly are cold emails. Cold emails are unsolicited … Read More

Email vs LinkedIn: Which is better for cold outreach?

When it came to cold outreach or lead creation, cold email had no alternatives until LinkedIn. In terms of reaching prospects formally online without being intrusive LinkedIn is without a doubt the cold email’s main rival. In this comparison, we … Read More

Cold Email vs Cold Call: Which one works the Best?

Salespeople typically worry about how to approach new clients. If we make a cold call to a target, will they become irritated? Or will they ignore our cold email? In short what is the best way to generate leads – … Read More