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SafeMailer’s email automation workflows will ensure your emails reach INBOX

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Mailshake Alternative For Agencies​

Marketing agencies prefer SafeMailer as an alternative to Mailshake as it is easily scalable. SafeMailer's pro pricing plan makes it 10X cheaper than Mailshake for agencies.

SafeMailer supports us with even the smallest of challenges in crucial times. Truly customer-centric, amazing experience.
Sundar T
Founder, DataDriven

Mailshake Alternative For Startups & Freelancers​

Are you an email marketing freelancer? Or an entrepreneur trying to get the word out about your startup? You may have a tight marketing budget. But we won't let that become a problem. SafeMailer gives you a cost efficient way to get your first few customers.

Why SafeMailer?

Cost Effecient

We get Google Drive to do most of the heavy lifting for us, making SafeMailer 10X cheaper than other alternatives.

Get Past The SPAM Filters

Avoid bulk email sending, humanize your emails to avoid spam filters and maximize email deliverability.

Personalized HTML Emails

Use a simple HTML editor to create highly personalized cold emails.

Detailed Analytics

Learn from your email campaigns performance. Monitor what is working and what is not, to continuously improve your email campaigns.

A/B Testing

A/B test your subject lines and email content to get optimal performance from your email campaigns.

Scheduled Email Campaigns

Schedule your cold email campaigns for customers in different time zones.