So, you’re looking to break into a new industry and want some tips on how to effectively land your next job with cold emailing? Look no further! In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to write a cold email for job application with email templates that gets you your desired job in your job search.

Table of contents
1. Benefits of sending cold emails for job application
2. Things to keep in mind when writing a cold email for job application
3. How to write a cold email for job application (6 step guide)
4. Some cold email job application templates for a better understanding

4.1 Finance Executive Role
4.2 Operations Manager Role
4.3 Marketing Manager Role
4.4 Sales Executive Role
4.5 Web Developer Role
4.6 Follow up mail
5. Conclusion
6. FAQs

Benefits of sending cold emails for job application

For Instance, sending cold emails for job applications has numerous benefits—especially given that users tend to check their inboxes frequently in order to keep up with what’s happening.

In addition, cold emails for job applications have become a common method to expedite job applications and solicit advice.

  • They are mostly non-invasive and much more likely to reach the right person.
  • A well-crafted cold email can provide a potential employer with all of the relevant information they need. 
  • Communicating via email provides an organized record-keeping system.

Things to keep in mind when writing a cold email for a job application

  • However, In writing effective cold emails for job applications, be sure to include enough detail about your qualifications for the role. 
  • Be creative when asking questions: try and view angles that haven’t been seen before and use language that communicates genuine enthusiasm. 
  • Utilise active verbs and refer to companies/positions by name as often as possible in order establish familiarity from the get-go then send an email.
  • Make sure any attachments or forms are clear and organized in one accessible document.
  • Lastly don’t send the email without properly proofreading it and checking who you’re emailing it to.

How to write a cold email for job application (6-step guide)

Similarly, Cold emailing is an effective way to reach out to a potential employer and engage in conversations that can help you land your dream job.

Writing an effective cold email requires more consideration than creating a generic cover letter and resume; it takes creativity, skill, and confidence.

A great cold email for job application should effectively grab the employer’s attention, making them interested to read further into what the sender has to offer.

Step 1 – Find the best person to contact

Therefore, Finding the right person to contact can be the key to your success.

When you apply for a job, it’s beneficial to write directly to the person who has ultimate authority in hiring decisions.

Hence, There are several ways you can look for the right person to contact, starting with the company website.

Additionally, you can leverage social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to reach out.

Step 2 – Make sure the subject line is intriguing and strong

When it comes to applying for a job online and writing cold emails, having an effective subject line is one of the keys to success.

In addition, The subject line should be short, creative, and indicate that you have read about the role in question.

Therefore, It should be thoughtfully tailored for each job opportunity and generate curiosity that encourages the receiver to open your email right away.

When it comes to importance, the headline of your email is more important than your resume.

While crafting your subject line, make sure you personalize it to show interest in the company.

Linking to content you’ve created related to their industry can also be helpful.

In addition, keep your subject line around four to six words.

Therefore, this will help ensure that what you’re trying to communicate isn’t lost among various other emails flooding their inbox.

Here are some examples of good cold email subject lines:

-A Creative Solution for Your [Position] Vacancy

-Experienced [Position Title] Looking for Opportunities

-[Position Title] With X Years of Achievements

-Take Advantage of My Relevant Experience

-[Position Title] Looking For New Challenges

-Generating Results With [Position Title] Experience

Hence, by using a creative, succinct and detailed subject line, recruiters will take more notice and consider opening the email body more closely.

Therefore, Increasing the chances that they will read through and potentially offer an interview invitation.

Step 3 – Focus on a crisp email body

Writing an effective cold email for job application can be both challenging and rewarding.

Similarly crafting your letter in a way that piques the employer’s interest and demonstrates your qualifications is key.

Therefore, begin by being clear about which job role you are applying for and why you think you are well suited to it.

After that consider highlighting how you believe your unique skills can contribute towards the company’s success.

You should also provide additional evidence to back up your claims if possible; like recommendations or past work samples.

Finally, provide contact details where the employer can learn more about what makes you an ideal candidate.

Make sure to conclude by expressing enthusiasm for their company and position.

Step 4 – Include call to action and a note of thanks

While in step 4 of writing an effective cold email for job application is to include a Call to Action and provide a note of thanks.

Therefore, closing your email with a clear and direct request is key, as it indicates that you have confidence in your abilities.

Your Call to Action should depend on the employer’s preference, such as whether they prefer phone calls or emails.

Moreover, it can be something as simple as asking them to schedule an interview with you, or providing your contact details.

Hence, thanking them for considering your application before signing off is paramount.

In addition, it shows that you appreciate the effort taken by the receiver on behalf of the company.

This kind gesture does not go unnoticed; it lets the employer know that you really care about obtaining a job at their company or building up a relationship with them regardless.

By following these steps and adding some bits of personalization here and there, your cold email will stand out from hundreds of others received by hiring managers daily.

Therefore, make sure that you end on a gracious note too; wishing them well and stating how much you would look forward to getting associated with their organization helps add closing finish to an impressive cold email.

Step 5 – Follow-up if necessary

After you’ve sent your cold email for job application, the next step is to follow-up if necessary.

Following up after sending a cold email is important because chances are, if you don’t get a response to your initial email.

Then it has probably gone unnoticed in their inbox or worse, been deleted.

Ideally, wait around a week after sending your cold email before following up.

Therefore If this doesn’t work and still don’t get a response after two weeks then it won’t hurt to follow-up one final time.

After that, if possible, try taking a slightly different approach with each follow-up as well.

Rather than just reiterating what you said in the previous emails and asking again for an interview or job offer opportunity.

This could be referencing any extra qualifications you have earned or detailing projects that you have undertaken solely or with others that demonstrate skills relevant to the position applied for or another role that the business may currently be looking for staff in order to fill quickly.

Step 6 – Make use of cold email solutions to automate the process

The last step in writing an effective cold email is to make use of cold email solutions such as to automate the process.

This is a free tool that automates the entire workflow and uses Google Drive to operate. It will save you hours of tedious manual sending and also allow you to track your emails more efficiently.

Using Safemailer allows users to create personalised email templates within minutes and quickly segment & send emails directly from their G Suite apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.

These tools can help save time on manual emailing & setup and make sure that your emails get sent out in an orderly fashion.

In addition, Safemailer can also ensure that no contact or message is missed or forgotten by automatically tracking every email you send out.

Therefore, this free automation solution greatly reduces frustration from manual sending tasks so you can focus on building relationships with people who are interested in what you offer!

Some cold email job application templates for a better understanding

Finance Executive Role

Subject: Finance Executive with X Years of Achievements
Hi #recipient name#,

I’m #sender name#, and I’m applying for a finance manager position at your company. I’ve recently graduated from University of California Berkeley with a B.Sc. in Finance.

I am also a seasoned data analyst with a background in both finance and economics.

I’m excited to talk to you about my experience and skillset to see if we’re a good fit.

I’m available for a phone interview on the afternoon of #date#, so please reach out if you’re interested.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Attach your resume


Operations Manager Role

Subject: Experienced Operations Manager Looking for Opportunities
Hi #recipient name#,

I’m #sender name# and want to apply for the Operations Manager job.

I’m excited to learn more about what it is you do here at {company name}! I’ve recently graduated with a degree in business and marketing.

In my personal experience, I’ve been involved in organising and implementing company events that increase employee motivation and engagement.

I’ve also analysed data to find problems in the company’s supply chain through quality control checks.

I hope to learn more about what you do here and if I’m a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Attach your resume


Marketing Manager Role

Subject: A Creative Solution for Your Marketing Vacancy
Hi #recipient name#,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m applying for a marketing manager position with #company name# and I wanted to get your feedback on my application.

My background is in digital marketing and advertising, and I’ve been working with brands both public and private for the past few years.

I have vast experience in marketing strategy and brand building that I’m confident will help you grow your brand.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Attach your resume


Sales Executive Role

Subject: Sales Manager Looking for New Challenges
Hi #recipient name#,

I’m reaching out to you because I’m currently applying for a sales job with #insert company name#.

I’m a people person who is passionate about communication and negotiation skills while being a team player. I’m looking for a job with a company that will allow me to use my sales skills to its highest potential.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my application, and I’m open to any other opportunities that you may have available.

Attach your resume


Web Developer Role

Subject: Generating results with vast web development experience
Hi #recipient name#,

I am a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in building software applications.

I have experience building websites, apps, and more. I recently won a hackathon and was awarded a prize of a free web development course with a mentor for a year.

I’m applying for a job as a web developer. I’m confident I could be a great asset to your company.

I can provide you with references, and I would love to provide you with a demo of my work on your website.

I’m looking for a chance to prove myself and make a difference. Please reach out to me if you need any more information.

Attach your resume


Follow up mail

Subject: Re: Follow up email
Hi #recipient name#,

I’m emailing you as a gentle reminder regarding the role of #position#.

I know that your work schedule can be very busy and there’s a chance you forgot to reply to my last email.

Kindly let me know when you have had a chance to review my application. I have a job interview with a potential employer next week, but I’m most interested in the position at #company#.

I look forward to receiving your response.



Cold email can be an effective way to reach out to potential employers and express interest in a job opportunity. It’s also important to approach cold emailing with care and consideration, as it can easily come across as spammy or unprofessional.

This means taking the time to research the company and the role, crafting a personalized and compelling message, and ensuring that your email is error-free and professional in tone.

By following these best practices, job seekers can effectively use cold email to make a strong impression and increase their chances of landing an interview.


Q. Is it advisable to attach a resume in a cold job application email?

A: It’s generally better to include a link to your LinkedIn profile or an online portfolio. Keep the email short and sweet, focusing on generating interest rather than overwhelming it with attachments.

Q. How many follow-up emails should I send after the initial cold email?

A: Limit follow-up emails to 1-2. Persistence is good, but too many follow-ups may be perceived as pushy. Give the recipient enough time to respond.

Q. Are there any common mistakes to avoid in job cold emails?

A: Avoid generic and lengthy emails. Keep it concise, error-free, and focused on the recipient’s needs. Steer clear of using overly formal language; instead, opt for a professional yet approachable tone. Additionally, ensure that your email is free of typos and grammatical errors to maintain a positive first impression.

Q. How do I handle rejection in cold job emails?

A: Rejection is a part of the job search process. Stay positive and professional in your response. Express gratitude for the opportunity and ask for feedback if appropriate. Use the experience as a learning opportunity to refine your approach for future applications.

Q. Can I use cold email software to network and build professional relationships?

A: Absolutely. Cold email software can be a powerful tool for networking. Use it to reach out to professionals in your industry, express your interest, and request informational interviews. Building a strong professional network can open doors to new opportunities and valuable connections in your field.

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