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Attach Documents

SafeMailer is a cold email outreach automation tool that staggers your emails in a human-like emailing pattern to bypass SPAM, landing more than 95% of your emails in INBOX.

Adding files and documents is an essential part of any email. But SafeMailer restricts direct attachment of such files.

This is because sending a cold email which includes an attachment can hamper your email deliverability and your emails may land up in SPAM.

But this doesn’t mean there is no other option. You can add all your emails to your Google drive or other similar storage provider and then link the folder to your email.

Let’s see how this is done:

First go to your google drive.

Now add a new folder.

Now upload all the files which you want to attach in your email within this folder.

Once the documents are uploaded in the folder, the next step is to copy the link of the document or the folder.

For this click on the 3 dots, as shown in the screenshot above.

Then click on Share option in the dropdown.

Then change the general access of the document/folder to “Anyone with the link”.

Keep the access restricted to “Viewer”.

Click on the Copy link button to get the link of the file/folder.

The last step is to attach this link to your email template.

For this, first go to your SafeMailer account and open the email template page.

Write down your email content.

We now want to link the google drive file to the highlighted text in the image above.

For this select the text which needs to be linked and click on the link icon as shown below.

Enter the google drive link to attach your file/folder to the email.

Your google drive is now attached to your email.

The folder or file will get opened whenever someone clicks on the linked text.

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